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I am a 34-year-old college student. I am majoring in psychology, a minor in Biology. My expected graduation date is fall of 2018, I will attain my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. Graduate school will start in fall of 2019, I will be moving forward with attaining my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. My top 3 schools: the University of California in Los Angeles, UT Austin,& Texas A&M-CollegeStation. I am heavily involved in research as an undergraduate student. I participate as a research assistant for the Weatherford Research Group at Texas A&M-San Antonio, (2016-current). Duties include implementation of research materials, training new members, and collobrating on research manuscript for said study.  I am the project leader of the H.O.P.Eresearchstudy (Homosexual, Orientation, Perceptions, Experiment), which utilizes cognitive psychology and faces (more on that in future posts).

Being bipolar (type 1 manic) has had its challenges, but it has also been my saving grace. I struggled with depression and hyperactive energy throughout my young adulthood, 18-25, once I sought clinical help, I began the healing process. It has taken awhile to get where I am today. My own experiences have led me into the field of Psychology. I am an avid reader, writer, and knowledge seeker!

My blog will consist of my daily struggles, my ups and downs, and the in-between. It will serve as an outlet for my creative thoughts both past and present (I have lots of writings and journal entries). I will also incorporate my artsy side, which will include photographs, paintings, and more.

I leave you with this final thought, know that whatever you’re going through in your daily life, that it will get better. I’ve been down that dark road before, gently into the night I went, innocent of heart and naive of mind. I was lost, broken, and abused by the wolves dressed in human skin (in my life). They pushed me down (I was under their control) momentarily,  but I always picked myself up amongst the rubble. I never lost hope. I survived the wreckage, I’ve let go and forgave those who did me harm.

Don’t lose hope. Tomorrow is a new day, to set about change and point yourself in the right direction. However similar or dissimilar our struggles are, we all just want one thing, to be heard, to be recognized, to know that our lives matter.

Warmest regards,

Rollercoaster Rob aka Robert 






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