I am a 34-year-old college student majoring in psychology with a minor in biology. My expected graduation date is fall of 2018, I will attain my B.S in Psychology. After I get my undergraduate studies completed, I will be working towards my Ph.D. in Neuroscience or Clinical Psychology (I am conflicted).  I am heavily involved in research as an undergrad, I participate as a research assistant for the Weatherford Research Group at Texas A&M-San Antonio. I am the project leader of the H.O.P.E study (Homosexual, Orientation, Perceptions, Experiment), which utilizes cognitive psychology and faces (more on that in future posts).

Being type 1 bipolar has had its challenges, but it has been my saving grace (once I sought clinical help), and the very thing that led me into the field of Psychology. General Psychology sparked my interest and my own experiences led me to where I am today.

I am an avid reader, writer, and knowledge seeker!

My blog will consist of my daily struggles, my ups and downs, and the in-between. It will serve as an outlet for my creative thoughts both past and present (I have lots of writings and journal entries).

Warmest regards,

Rollercoaster Rob


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