The thing about writing is one must leave their ego at the door (so to speak). It is easy to take criticism personally because after all it is our writing and it is at times very personal indeed. One must be able to take constructive criticism and use it to craft a better draft. Afterall criticism is meant to help us grow as writers.

I am working on a manuscript for my research project H.O.P.E ( have been working on it for 6 weeks now). My mentor Dawn is amazing. Today after our meeting, however, I felt a little defeated. I talked with my friend from school and we worked it out. I realized, our first draft may never be gold, although there are some people who have the innate skill of crafting a masterpiece on their first go, I am not one of those people, the beauty comes in the revision process. I enjoy the creative process but writing for a scientific journal, leaves little room for flowery prose or wordiness, comforts that fiction allows. I need to work on the mechanics, it has always been my weakness and I also need to hone my pre-writing skills, outlines, drafts etc. I like a good challenge, and I will look at it just like that a “challenge” and I will grow and rise above it. I need to heed my own advice and leave my ego at the door. There is no room for egos in the writing world. “Leave your baggage at the door”, I tell myself.

Go forth, create, revise, create and edit and make something great. Create your own work of art.

Happy writing to all!

-Robert Ramos


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