Driving down loop 1604

Sun beating on my back

And I’m stunned


Sweat beads down my neck

The AC full-blast

But it does not cool me down

Perceptions become inpercetibly impossible

I turn up my music

To calm me down

Niki minaj

Roman holiday

And I get in my zone

The panic

The worry is still present

But I manage it

I talk myself or

Rather sing myself to p3ac4

Or at least some sort of comfort to

Get me home.

The stoplight and taillights

Seem so far

But I know it’s my mind



Tricking me

I. Am sleep deprived


And afraid

But I don’t show it

I just keep moving forward


My sanctuary in my rear view mirror


I’m ok

I tell myself

And I keep moving forward

Im ok

I’m ok

I’m ok….


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