We’ve all been there at some point in our lives, in a group setting, and we can’t help but conform to the norm. To emulate or rather give in to peer-pressure. It’s a powerful thing, it’s a deeply embedded need to please, to be like others to feel accepted. I’ve been there, don’t that. It’s not a fun road to go down . {My 20’s} Along my journey, I gave in to that pressure to fit in. Part of it is that I never fit in in my life. It goes all the way back to elementary school, I was the different kid. I made people laugh at the expense of looking like a fool. I was bullied throughout my high school years leading into my young adulthood. As a result, I lost myself. My identity was replaced. Like a chameleon, I changed my behaviors to suite the needs of others.

It wasn’t until I started to consciously be aware, learning to say no and learning to walk away that I began the journey of self-discovery. I was in my early 20’s when I began to realize that something wasn’t right, cognitively speaking. I felt different. I felt weak and open to dangerous situations. I was naive. Innocent. Young. That was before the diagnoses of bipolar-type-1 mixed episodes. Before I started getting help. I thought I had to live with it. I thought there were no other options or help out there until I hit a breaking point and found help. This condition is not an easy one to live with but it can be treated and managed. Help is out there. Don’t be afraid to seek it and don’t be afraid to break away from the people who try and keep you down. Be positive. Be resilient. Respect yourself and find help.


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