I wrote about an incident with the SPI towing and cops a few days ago. I had a traumatic experience, the cops did not want to nor did I feel like they cared about my safety but were more focused on getting paid. I expressed my concern for my safety numerous times but the responding officer just kept reverting back to my guilt for parking in a marked lot. I am not the type of person who lies down when I am wronged. It’s the paralegal in me.

The morning after the incident, I did my research. I went on the city’s website and looked up their ordinances for towing, which clearly stated that they were not allowed to charge more than $85, they charged me 150! I left some posts on social media, called the police department and left a message with the city. Nothing! I didn’t get any feedback until i got an anonymous number the day before we left. Chief Randy Smith had left me a VM to call him back in regards to the incident that happened a few nights before.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one victim to overly-aggressive scare-tactics. He said he had been making calls all day and that it had become a problem, he wanted to know the name of the towing company, which I emailed to him shortly after our conversation on the phone. He genuinely cared, he listened and felt empathetic for the situation that I went through and apologized. And that’s really all I needed. I did not care so much about the money. I just wanted to be heard and acknowledged, and that is exactly the attention Chief Randy provided to me. For me that was my closure. If nothing else comes from it, at least I know that there is one person that cares and one person that tried to help. Lets see what happens.


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