Be yourself, how impression management affects our lives

I used to be so consumed with what others thought of me. Impression management, a theory which describes our natural inclination to show our best possible selves to the world.

It’s exhausting.

To be on your best behavior both appearance wise and by our own actions all the time. Filtering yourself is useless and detrimental to your emotional state.

I used to be so worried about the impression I was broadcasting to the world. Clothes I should wear, smile I should display, was I nice enough or should I have been more assertive.

But that was before I realized that it doesn’t matter what other people think, it’s about being 100 percent authentically you.

It’s your life, others opinions don’t matter and you shouldn’t give them power to rule you, regardless of social restraints or conforming to the norm.

I’m not talking about breaking laws but what I am saying is to just be yourself.

The people that matter will understand this and accept you for everything you are, flaws and all.

Be yourself

Don’t focus on what people will think.

Make sure you are happy with your appearance, actions and the like. The rest is cake. Life is much more rewarding when you stop listening to all the noise.

Lessons I’ve learned along my journey

-Robert M. Ramos

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