My mission in life is to help others

My mission for my blog is to show my life unfiltered, unaltered and 100 percent real. My goal is to show others out there like myself and others not like myself that they are not alone. Everyone’s Life is important!

We all go through heartaches and pain. Such is life. But just because we struggle or fall down from time to time doesn’t mean we need to reside in that space.

I hope I can do some good with my blog displaying my daily struggles and victories. You are not alone. Social interaction may be your saving grace. Reach out for help, don’t be afraid. Push those bad people out of your life, surround yourself with positive like-minded people.

I was lost and afraid before, long ago and I got help, I was diagnosed bipolar type 1 manic depressive.

My 20’s were a mixture of extreme happiness and utter madness. But I found myself. Seeked clinical care, that was 3 years ago. It’s hard to believe how far I’ve come from that angry and sad person under the guise of my own identity. I’ve lived with this emotional disorder for over a decade! I’ve learned to manage and control it. I still have my bad days or rather bad moments but I no longer allow them to rule my whole life. I came through the other side. You can too. Your not alone.

Life gets better.

Robert M. Ramos

2 thoughts on “My mission in life is to help others

  1. Thanks, I really appreciate the love for my blog. I am glad that it helped you! This blog has been such a great outlet in my life! It makes me smile to know that others out there in the world have received my blog in a positive-light despite the heavy content. My ultimate message is one of Hope and redemption, that’s the story I want to tell. Thanks for reading my works. I also enjoy your blog too.


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