Social Psychology Research project

I’m excited to venture forth with an idea I had for a Research project. The research question would ask how social media posts affect our emotional health. The independent variables, age, gender and personality ie. Introverts and extroverts. Need to find a scale of measurement as well and the Dependent variable. I will be collobrating on this project with Dr. Bohmann at Texas A&M-San University.

Now, it’s time to do some of the leg work, literature review, operationaly defining “meaningful”, and making a theoretical connection to the RQ.

3 thoughts on “Social Psychology Research project

  1. high hopes for research of this nature. Its only a light observation i have made, but having a teenage son and seen how boys and girls of his age…18 years…. communicate, they appear to be lacking some social skills. Their communication appears borderline aggressive in nature. Of course, I could just be looking into this too much, but I would expect a drop in face to face social skills should a person use social media as their main purpose of communication. I look forward to hearing how you will be progressing with the research and its findings.

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