Cognitive functions restored with good sleep

It’s amazing what a good night’s rest can do for your cognitive abilities and functions ie. Memory (storing and retrieval), judgments of timing and spacial schemas, facial identity, temperament etc.

I was on vacation for a few weeks and during that time I took naps, stayed up all night, and all day too. I was a wreck by the end of the trip

Last night I went to bed early. Finally getting a good night’s sleep, about 8 hrs. Operationally defined, “good night’s sleep” is 6+ hrs of REM sleep with no interuptions.

Today I feel fantastic. I don’t feel anxious, or nervous. At least not to a dibiltating state. Daily tasks, picking up meds, getting tea from Bill Miller’s, which is my fave, daily interactions are not awkward but pleasurable. This is what good sleep does for me.

Whens the last time you got a good night’s rest?

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