I’m looking into programs at


UT Austin

TEXAS A&M in College Station

I used to think I wasn’t good enough. I was way too humble. I still am that humble dude but I’m also highly competitive. When I want something, I do everything in my power to get it.

I’m ready!

I know I got what it takes, that I have the tenacity to survive a rigorous program. Surviving my past is proof.

I need to get high GRE score, finish my school out with a stellar GPA, currently overall GPA is 3.45,write a kickass letter of purpose and get letters of recommendation (which shouldn’t be a problem).

I’ve developed some great relationships with some of my professors Dr. Dawn Weatherford, Cognitive Psychology and Dr. Bohmann, social Psychology. Both of which are exemplary models in their fields.

Dr. Weatherford has not only been invaluable in developing my graduate skills but she has also been a mentor. I am forever thankful for her guidance and support.

I’m working on 2 research projects, one in which I’m the project leader.

I have to finish strong.

Push myself harder

Keep sane

I can do it!


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