Social interactions are crucial;they have a direct impact on our emotional health. Our daily interactions have become clouded with modern technology. Long gone are the days when we pick up the phone to call our friends and family. It is all done via text, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, tumbler, Lindkin, Facebook and the like, resulting in cold-impersonal interactions. These interactions do nothing if not damage our emotional health.

I propose that we make our daily interactions with our neighbors, teachers, and families more meaningful. Pick up the phone to tell a loved one your thinking of them, tell the passerby hi.

What do I mean by “meaningful”, operationally defined, a “meaningful interaction” is one in which both parties express their feelings/concerns [on life in general]; thus, it is an interaction that positively impacts both parties, a mutually beneficial one. This can measured using a resilience scale. But I digress, I am wearing my proverbial “research” hat. It’s hard to turn that off. My mind sees situations and events as possible life-learning experiences.

I think we need to be more empathetic of peoples lives, when we ask “how are you doing” we should mean it, rather just simply say it due to societal norms or fear of feeling awkward. Social interactions are important, research has shown that it can directly impact our emotional health and physical health.


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