*written on 7/17/17 @3:27 AM

My time on this earth is Limited

But that notion doesn’t scare me any longer

Time is irrelevant

Tasks And goals

My concern

Anxiety, Hope, Excitement These are the emotions That Fuel My current state Of mind.

My condition has put me in quite a few precarious situations. Surviving the wars of my past. Both within and between, have made me stronger. Being on the edge of death on numerous occasions will do that to a person. It has heightened my sense Of wonder. It has diminished my sense of Fear. I take each moment as it comes And mold it to A suitable pace, and to a peaceful level. But my Brain does not work Like everyone else’s. It has a dual-natured rhyme.

Fast Than Slow

Sometimes all at once Fast and slow

Those periods become linked And time consuming

Fast And Slow

Fast then Slow

Such is the ideation of a dual natured being. One with issues beyond logical thought. Trapped in a place.

I Am one But many

I am singular

And yet Pluristic in nature

Such is my life


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