For those of you who are still listening to my story… My deepest apologies for my absence as of late; I just completed an arduous school semester. Alas, I can breathe and recuperate my energy back into my writing and time with my family. Next semester, regardless of my workload, I plan to be posting weekly if not more frequently than that.

I’ve have been through a lot, and, I am still going through some things, personal issues that I need to resolve {that I am not ready to talk about just yet}. But I will continue to move forward, working through my personal issues, knowing that it is ok for my life to be messy at times, so long as I keep on trying to do good, and being human only makes it more-so relatable. I learned the hard way, when I was young, that no man or woman is infallible to hard times. But it is in those hard times, when we are tested, that we discover our true inner-strength. Feel free to share your stories, experiences and feedback. I would love to hear from the community

all my best,



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