Being free comes with a cost

Embrace your emotions, be it good or bad, push through the pain and bathe in the beauty of the happy moments

Those emotions make us feel human, and sometimes we just need a good crying session, it relieves some of the pressure and for me writing helps me get those feelings/emotions out into the world, setting them free, sets me free. Freedom is a choice. Regardless of life’s constraints or the hand we’ve been dealt, we all have the universal feeling of wanting to be happy, to be liked, to feel like we matter. Because no matter who you are, or where you come from, all of our lives DO matter!





Life gets in the way

It has a way of taking hold, as if a stranger were gripping my neck, squeezing just so tight, and for just so long that when it allows release, I come to, gasping, clutching for temporary peace.

There are many things that have come since my departure from WordPress, which had basically become my online diary, one that I thought no one would ever read or even be able to relate to. But since I have started this blog, I have got some positive feedback and in fact, found others who are also struggling through life and doing the best to survive.

There are a lot of things I want to talk about but all in due time. I hope I still have some of my subscribers attention. And, I welcome any new people to the site. Dig deep, and read, these entries, for the most part, are my most brave and best writing because I am writing unfiltered and with the utmost honesty and respect for serious issues that plague us all. The good, the bad, the beautiful; it’s all here in the pages of my online diary.

I am on summer break from college so I should have time to stay active. These next few months will be a time of change, a crossroads in my life being on the verge of 35.

I encourage your comments, feedback, constructive criticism, this is an open forum, and not only a place to vent or air my thoughts or creative ways but also one that you should feel safe to do the same.


Thank you and God Bless-



He left just a little too quickly this morning

coffee pot still brewing, dining-room a mess

as if He had never been there (with me)


or ever

a trick of the mind

perhaps, but, how can I be so sure

when his imprint on the bed

lingers still

long after the scent of his cheap cologne

has been washed away



Inspiration comes to me at 4AM
The way it does most every night
Hi-jacking my unconsciousness
Volatile and polite
Igniting pathways of neuronal ecstasy

A welcome distraction
From the sleepless nights
When the empty pang of desperation just won’t subside
An Aha moment brought to life
By pen and pad

And it leaves just as quickly as it came
Without a trace
Without a name
Another sleepless night
Inspiration comes to me at 4AM

RMR 12/19/2017

Blog update

For those of you who are still listening to my story… My deepest apologies for my absence as of late; I just completed an arduous school semester. Alas, I can breathe and recuperate my energy back into my writing and time with my family. Next semester, regardless of my workload, I plan to be posting weekly if not more frequently than that.

I’ve have been through a lot, and, I am still going through some things, personal issues that I need to resolve {that I am not ready to talk about just yet}. But I will continue to move forward, working through my personal issues, knowing that it is ok for my life to be messy at times, so long as I keep on trying to do good, and being human only makes it more-so relatable. I learned the hard way, when I was young, that no man or woman is infallible to hard times. But it is in those hard times, when we are tested, that we discover our true inner-strength. Feel free to share your stories, experiences and feedback. I would love to hear from the community

all my best,