Research study update

Spent 5 hours in psych lab alongside Dawn Key Kong Weatherford, troubleshooting research design and finishing up research materials-Ramos study is up and running! E1 has been 9 months in the making, nice to see the finished project. Thank you team, we couldn’t have done it without you all.😎
Texas A&M University – San Antonio


I wish I could say something profound
To hear the sounds of applause
To feel something more than what I feel
There’s a darkness inside
A pleasure seeking fiend
Lie within this exterior
Within the framework of my skeleton
Deep within the interior of my brain
The circuitry has been rewired
And I thought I had YOU beat
Oh little simple minded freak
It’s always been there
It will always live somewhere within
As far as I try to get from IT
Relics of my past
Deep through to the skin
Thinking processes intermingled with actions
Unconscious thought precludes my


Errors in the design
Biological vulnerabilities
Can I rewrite the code?